Proven Skincare: What To Do To Get Rid of a Pimple

How To Get Rid of a Pimple in One Day


Now, typically after applying my treatment,
I like to go in with a hydrocolloid patch.
Now, first of all, what the hell is a hydrocolloid patch?
They’re essentially the pimple patches
that you just place over top of the pimple
to make sure it doesn’t gather any bacteria,
to make sure it collects all the excess oil and sebum,
any pus that’s in the pimple.
I know.
They work really well, and technically, here’s a DIY trick,
you don’t need to buy expensive hydrocolloid patches.
You can go to the drug store in the medical section
and they’ll have big sheets of hydrocolloid patches
that are intended for wounds,
which is, funny enough, the whole reason
hydrocolloid patches are even on the market.
They help to protect wounds from infection.
And one of the main reasons I love them
is that they’re moisture-wicking
which means you aren’t gonna lose water
through that breakout in a process
called transepidermal water loss,
which is one of the main reasons pimples stick around.
Because they can’t hold on to any hydration and moisture.
Technically, you can take those sheets
and just cut them into circles
and use them as pimple patches.
I personally don’t do that just because, I don’t know,
I’m a little bit lazy to like cut out
every individual circle to use multiple times
during the day.
Like, it’s kind of a lot of work,
but it is an option in case you can’t afford
standard hydrocolloid patches.
Now some of the ones I specifically love to use
is either just one, a basic hydrocolloid circle patch,
like the ones I’ve been using right now
are the PanOxyl ones which actually,
I should really apply to my pimple.
I’ll be back.
There we go.
Or if you want kind of a fun experience,
the star face ones are also great
because they’re cute, little, yellow stars
that look really adorable in case you do want
to use it during the day.
If you’re really like an aesthetic kind of person,
then you’ll love those because they definitely are
very cute additions to your face.
I, on the other hand, am not aesthetic
unless you count wearing blue shirts everyday aesthetic,
then, ha, count me in.
But to be honest, my favorite types of patches
are the Micro-Dart one.
They essentially take all the beneficial ingredients
like salicylic acid and niacinamide
and arrange them into a ton of tiny little dots
on the surface of the patch to be pressed into your skin.
Now this isn’t like 100% guaranteed to work,
but it’s a really good environment
for those ingredients to be delivered into the skin
without being exposed to things like additional bacteria
and under that seal to make sure nothing is touching it.
My personal favorite ones are the Peace Out spots
and the Zitsticka patches.
all of them are awesome and work great.
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