Proven Skincare: What To Do To Get Rid of a Pimple

How To Get Rid of a Pimple in One Day


So I highly recommend it.
Oh, by the way, all the products I’m talking about
in today’s video are listed in the description box below.
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Now as much as I would say salicylic acid is the miracle
that’s all you need, it’s perfect,
even I have some issues with salicylic acid.
Sometimes it doesn’t always work.
And thankfully I do have skin that responds well
to salicylic acid, but there’s a lot of people
who watch my videos who have said that salicylic acid
does jack-shit for your skin.
And that’s actually pretty common.
For some reason, it’s just an ingredient
that works for some people and doesn’t work for others.
That’s just skincare.
If you’re someone who’s tried salicylic acid
and doesn’t notice anything,
here are some alternative treatments that I typically use
when it’s just not enough for my skin.
Versed has a sulfur spot treatment which is great.
Sulfur is great for lifting out impurities out of the pores
but works differently from standard exfoliating treatments.
And you may have seen some really good benefits from it.
Of course, I always recommend a niacinamide serum.
Niacinamide, while it’s not necessarily like an acne clearer
or a spot treatment, it is really an ingredient to use
when you are struggling with a breakout or acne.
The reason being that niacinamide reduces the amount
of oil and sebum that your skin generates.
And a lot of the times, if you’re like me,
that’s usually the reason why I do get a break out
in the first place.
Just way too much oil in that area.
And niacinamide is a great product for that,
but niacinamide also reduces sensitivity and irritation,
which will bring down the redness,
which is clearly not working for me. (chuckling)
What the heck, Alberto?
And it also brightens dark spots
which I think is a great way of ensuring
that you don’t get acne scarring.
It’s not foolproof.
You could still get an acne scar,
but using niacinamide for all those reasons
that I just listed as well as its ability
to reduce dark spots,
I think it’s a great must-have ingredient to use.
The only thing I’d recommend is be careful
about mixing a niacinamide product
and a salicylic acid product together.
They’re very tricky ingredients
to work alongside each other,
unless a chemist has developed them together
in a formula that’s stabilized,
which is why I typically recommend
using a niacinamide treatment during the day,
and then an exfoliating treatment at night.
I also love the iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum.
This is one that really saved my skin
when I was going through consistent breakouts.
I didn’t know why, nothing was working.
It has ingredients like niacinamide and tea tree extract,
which is great for reducing that oiliness
and making sure there’s not bacteria buildup.
And then another one that does work for me,
but I would honestly only recommend
to people who have really, really active,
oily, sebum-y spots.
The Mario Badescu spot treatment.
And I know you guys are like, “What?
Hyram’s recommending Mario Badescu?”
There are a few products by Mario Badescu that I like,
and this is one of them.
Yes, it does have ingredients
that are potentially stripping,
but when you’re dealing with an overactive,
really oily spot, you really need to get through
all that oil and make sure you dry it out
as much as you can.
And that’s why the Mario Badescu treatment does work
because it’ll help to dry out the area
from all the excess oiliness.
But that is definitely not a product,
if you don’t struggle with excess oiliness
where your spot is, because it’ll only make it worse.
It’ll strip it seriously and dry out your pimples even more
and just cause a whole problem.
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