Proven Skincare: What To Do To Get Rid of a Pimple

How To Get Rid of a Pimple in One Day

Spot Treatment

Spot treatments are great, but honestly,
when it comes to a spot treatment,
everyone has their own favorite spot treatment
and there is like no consistency.
What I mean is that,
usually when I recommend spot treatments to other people,
a lot of times it’s not that effective,
but they’ll use a spot treatment that they absolutely love
that does jack shit for my skin.
So spot treatments are one of those things
that are kind of hit or miss in my experience.
But the one that works for me
is the Clinique spot treatment.
I use a tiny bit, it works well every time.
The bottle literally lasts forever.
And it’s great when I don’t want
to apply salicylic acid everywhere,
but just to a very specific spot.
But if I don’t go in with the spot treatment,
I’ll usually go in with the Paula’s Choice, 2% BHA solution.
Now this I can confidently say
works for so many people’s skin.
And the reason why I do like this solution
and kind of turn to it more than the spot treatment
is because it’s super lightweight.
It’s essentially like a toner,
but it has a maximum percentage
of salicylic acid you can get.
The first time I used this product,
it literally made my pores look smaller.
I don’t know how, I don’t know why,
it just did that shit.
But I think this product is really great
because it’s multipurpose.
You can apply it to a small area
or you can apply it all over,
depending on what you’re struggling with in your skin.
And if you do have pimples pop up more than just one spot,
this may be a good product for you.
Honestly, I would say it is a good product for you
because literally everyone I know who uses the product
absolutely loves it.
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