Proven Skincare: What To Do To Get Rid of a Pimple

How To Get Rid of a Pimple in One Day

Alternatives Treatments

What I was saying
is that you can use an alternative form
of treatment-based cleansers.
I know that I always usually talk
about salicylic-acid-based cleansers,
because I’m a big fan of salicylic acid,
but you can choose other forms of alternative exfoliation
in the cleanser form in order to help get rid
of the dead skin cells.
And also if you are going to follow up
with a treatment-based product afterwards,
like a serum or a toner.
For example, the Gentle Papaya Naked Enzyme Cleanser
from Kinship is awesome because it utilizes papaya extract,
which is the gentle enzymatic form of exfoliation,
as opposed to harsher forms of exfoliation like AHAs
that work really well for day-to-day exfoliation.
And this is great if you are going to be using
a treatment-based salicylic acid
or benzoyl peroxide product afterwards,
or you’re wanting to add on
some minimal treatment ingredients,
but nothing too much to push your skin over that edge.
Anyway, back to the show.
Now the reason I’m a little bit more particular
about what I use is because,
if I’m going to just be using a basic, simple cleanser,
I really amp up my treatment products that I use afterwards.
But if I go in with the salicylic acid exfoliating cleanser,
I usually don’t go as hard
with the treatment products after.
Now, there’s a few different methods and things
that I try to get rid of a big, juicy pimple.
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