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How To Get Rid of a Pimple in One Day



Hello. Hi everyone.
I’m passionate about teaching you
how to perfect your skincareroutine.
So make sure you subscribe to my channel
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Well, well, well, what do we have here?
Someone has decided to join the party that is my skin,
this little guy right here.
I’ve been trying to think of what to name him
and I think I’ll settle on Alberto.
What the (beep), Alberto?
This pimple popped up yesterday.
And when I tell you, it got juicy.
It was bad.
And I figured why not make a video exploiting the situation?
(laughing) I mean, hey, if I’m gonna get a super red pimple
on my face, I may as well make a video about it.
So here we are.
From time to time, I do struggle with pimples on my face,
and here’s the thing when it comes
to my personal experience with pimples.
I feel very, very, very blessed
to not have to struggle with acne.
That has really never been a huge concern of mine.
Although I did have some when I was a teenager
and I thank the Lord every day.
Did I just cross myself wrong?
Is it the other way.
Whatever, I’m not Catholic.
But I do struggle with the occasional pimple.
And no, it’s not your little mini, hardly noticeable,
cover it up with some makeup type of pimple.
No, I get the big, bad, red as (beep) ones
that usually, in the past, stay on my face
for about two weeks.
I swear to God, astronauts in outer space
can see how red my pimples are.
And the worst thing is that I can’t cover them up.
Like a little bit of concealer or foundation
does not do the trick.
And I learned that in middle school
by waking up super early every morning,
sneaking into my mom’s bathroom
and getting her concealer stick,
putting a tiny bit on my pimple, thinking it covered it up,
when in reality, it just accentuated the crustiness.
I know the terms I’m using are maybe not the most appealing,
but hey, we’ve all struggled with it, okay?
I mean, clearly you see it, it’s on display,
and I figured this would be a good time
to kind of lead you guys through my process
of getting rid of a pimple.
Now, it used to be, my pimples would not go anywhere
for approximately 10 to 14 business days.
They were here to stay and nothing would work.
But over time I’ve had experiences where within 24 hours,
the pimple is gone.
That’s it.
And I’m very happy with myself for finding this system
because, damn, it took a long time.
And I thought I would show my process
just in case it’s able to help any of you guys out there
who also struggle with pimples similarly to mine.
Now, when it comes to acne and breakouts,
no one thing will work for everyone.
That was weak.
Pimples are one of those things that’s just…
I mean, you really have to figure out
what works for your skin through experimentation.
But these products in this process that I’ve gone through
has really narrowed down
like what specifically works for me
and hopefully these types of treatments,
these types of products,
at least will point you in the right direction
for also getting rid of your pimples as fast as possible.
So let’s get into it.
Now, as I get into all of this,
I want to say it’s important to be realistic
about how you’re getting rid of your pimples.
What annoys me more than anything is products that say,
“This will get rid of your pimple overnight.
Here’s a routine that gets rid of this breakout overnight.”
I get a little annoyed when they advertise that
because it kind of comes across that no matter what,
no matter who you are, no matter what skin type you have,
no matter what you struggle with,
it will go away in like 12 hours.
That is not accurate, nor is it good to expect that
because realistically, the skin,
it’s gonna take a little bit longer than that
to get rid of a pimple.
I mean, you’re talking about a whole-ass lesion
on your face, a wound.
It’s gonna take time to get rid of.
And there’s no shame in that.
There’s absolutely no shame in that.
And you don’t need to feel like you’re doing something wrong
because your products, your routine
are not getting rid of a pimple overnight.
I figured out the system that, yes,
sometimes gets rid of my pimple in a day.
Woo-woo. I’m happy about that.
But not always.
Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes it takes three days.
Sometimes it takes five days.
It really just depends and it’s not always consistent,
but I do believe that through experimentation,
you can find a product that works to get rid of a pimple
in under three days.
And also I want to say, a pimple is different than acne.
A pimple is usually an isolated incident
where you have a clogged pore, it gets inflamed,
blows up, bursts.
While acne is a more severe issue that could be due
to a plethora of problems,
whether you’re not doing an accurate skincare routine,
you’re not exfoliating,
you’re not using the right treatment ingredients,
or it could be linked to your health or other things.
And if you want to learn more about that,
go watch my teen acne series.
I’ll have it linked in the description box below.
I have recommendations for that, but also, you know,
the expectations for a pimple are definitely different
than expectations for acne.
Acne is not something that will go away in a week.
So when you’re analyzing your skin,
make sure you determine whether it’s a pimple
or whether it’s acne.
Now here’s my process.

Originally posted 2023-06-27 18:01:20.

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