Keto Diet: What you need to know?

Keto diet, according to Harvard University, ” aims to force your body into using a different type of fuel”


Keto Diet
Today we’ll be
talking about the ketogenic diet
moderate protein ultra low carbohydrate
diet so very different than the way that
most people eat the ketogenic diet is
set up so that about 70 of your calories
come from fat about 20 from protein and
no more than 10 percent of your calories
are coming from carbohydrates the idea
keto diet is that it puts
normally our
bodies run mostly on carbs we break down
the carbohydrates we eat into smaller
molecules into simple sugars called
glucose and then we’re able to absorb
that and use that as energy when there’s
no carbohydrates left we can tap into
the small amount of carb sources we have
in our muscle but most of our energy
stored as fat in the body or if we’re
not eating any carbs we can get that
energy from fat in our diet so what
types of foods can you eat on a
ketogenic diet

Originally posted 2023-06-25 02:01:37.

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